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S series

Version with built-in collection container: this feature makes the S8 Top independent during the vacuum and material

S5 Short is the compact version of the S5/20, while maintaining the same features and performance.

S5/20 is the entry-level model of the High Vacuum S series.


Industrial vacuum cleaner model S22. The vacuumed material can be easily emptied through a tilting discharge door placed on the bottom part of the bin.

Industrial vacuum cleaners model S22 TOP. The vacuumed material is collected into an integrated hopper with a capacity of 1000 lt.


Extremely small vacuum unit which that be configured in two outfittings: with an electric motor or a Diesel motor.


S10 ensures perfect balance between air flow and vacuum, offering either configuration with two electric motors or one Diesel


Available with either electric or Diesel motors, this is a high power unit which ensures targeted performance and higher quantity


S30 is a high performance vacuum designed for the recovery and transport of large quantities of product.


The best in the field of industrial vacuums. S40 is a unit that operates in extreme situations thanks to its power Diesel and electric motors.

VacBlast 45 is a model designed for the world of sandblasting, but that finds it's perfect application in any kind of industry